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- The Naked Scientists Podcast - Stripping Down Science
The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.
Podcast, English, London, UK Genres: Tech, Higher Education, Education, Natural Sciences, Tech News, Science, Education: Primary,Secondary

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Naked Scientists 15.05.19 - Can astronauts shower in space?
This week, can we colonise Mars? What's causes that smell after it rains? Can genetics inform skin care? And how do astronauts shower space? Chris Smith, Richard Hollingham and Max Sanderson join Kat Arney to take on your quandaries, and also discuss some
Monday, 18-May-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.05.12 - Safety at 40,000 Feet
This week, endoscopies for jet engines, how the aviation industry could have us cruising for an infectious bruising, the workings of radar, and whether cheap flights actually cost the Earth. Plus, in the news, why doctors could soon be culturing your canc
Monday, 11-May-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.05.05 - Violent Volcanoes
Celebrating two hundred years since the devastating eruption of Indonesia's Mount Tambora, this week, accompanied by music from Michael Levy, we explore the science of volcanoes. We find out what causes volcanoes, we ask whether eruptions can be predicted
Monday, 04-May-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.04.28 - Game on! The Science of Video Gaming
This week, the science at play in an industry that dwarfs both Hollywood and the music world: computer games. We hear how video games are altering the brains of players, why lovers of the shoot-em-up could be carving out a niche for themselves in the mili
Monday, 27-Apr-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.04.21 - Could Earth be Knocked Out of Orbit?
This week, you pit your wits against the Naked Scientists team and challenge us to answer your science questions. Is there an evolutionary reason why humans have rhythm? Do people sneeze in their sleep? Why do crabs walk sideways? And how do stinging nett
Monday, 20-Apr-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.04.14 - Defying Death...
The impact of modern medicine is drastically changing our concept of death. Increasingly, people are being resuscitated successfully, sometimes hours after they first died. So this week we toe the line between life and death, learn lessons from those who
Monday, 13-Apr-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.04.07 - Egg-cellent Easter Science
The Naked Scientists take a special holiday look at some egg-cellent Easter science, including a breakthrough in how to unboil an egg, the genetically modified chickens that can't catch bird flu and why the Easter bunny might be knocked off his perch by a
Monday, 06-Apr-15 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.03.31 - Whodunnit? Fascinating Forensics
From crime scene to court room and all the evidence in between. Join Chris Smith and Ginny Smith at our reconstructed crime scene to find out how science is used to help solve a forensic investigation, including dissecting pig organs, testing for drugs, p
Tuesday, 31-Mar-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.03.24 - Brain on fire
This week, how rogue antibodies turned one woman's existence into a living nightmare of delusions, hallucinations and paranoia, we examine the evidence that ME - or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - might be an autoimmune disease, and why the blues might b
Tuesday, 24-Mar-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.03.17 - Chasing Rainbows: The Quest to Understand Light
Is it a particle? Or is it a wave? This week we're looking at light. From its earliest origins and what it can reveal about the Big Bang, to why Newton prodded his eye with a needle to probe the origins of colour, how the brain decodes the visual world an
Tuesday, 17-Mar-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.03.10 - The Life Parasitic
This week, the world of parasites. We find out what's living in you and on you, how these invaders hijack your immune system and how they can even control the behaviours and body shapes of their hosts. Plus, in the news, the oldest remains of our first hu
Tuesday, 10-Mar-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.03.03 - Eureka Streaker: Experiments that Changed the World
From Archimedes leaping from his bath shouting Eureka, to Isaac Newton's falling apples and Volta's piles that produced electricity on tap, this week we recreate some of the scientific experiments that changed the way we view the world. Join Ginny Smith a
Tuesday, 03-Mar-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.02.24 - Marijuana: Risk or Remedy?
Cannabis is as controversial as it is complicated. Does smoking it cause schizophrenia, and can chemicals from the plant cure cancer? Plus in the news, the new breed of chemicals that are putting our ozone layer at risk and why teenage sperms are more lik
Tuesday, 24-Feb-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.02.17 - Your Smartphone: What's it Saying to Cyber-Criminals?
This week, how we're haemorrhaging personal information through our smartphones. We hear how snoopers can eavesdrop on your mobile signals while you're out in public to track down your home address. A computer scientist tells us what he discovered on a bu
Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.02.10 - Meet the Doctors of Love!
This week, how to hack online dating, the way to maximise your chances on that crucial first date, what makes couples compatible, and the giveaway signs of fertility in the female voice. Plus, in the news, how late-night texting and Facebook-checking is a
Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.02.03 - Outnumbered: Are your bacteria controlling you?
This week, why we're passengers in our own bodies, outnumbered by our resident bacteria. We explore how these bugs can alter your brain and behaviour, and "trans-poo-sion": the poo-transplant process that might save your life! Plus, why the chances of ET
Tuesday, 03-Feb-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.01.27 - Lifting the lid on Plastic
Last year, 100 million tonnes of plastic were produced by industry. At the same time sufficient waste plastic was found floating in the world's oceans to make a string of bottles long enough to make it to the Moon. This week we find out what plastic is, h
Tuesday, 27-Jan-15 01:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.01.20 - The Secrets of Sleep
Most people spend around a third of their lives asleep, and yet we know almost nothing about what goes on in the land of nod. So this week we're going "under the covers" to investigate the science of sleeping including hearing from sleep talkers, probing
Tuesday, 20-Jan-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.01.13 - Fighting Fat with Science
Are you sitting comfortably? You might want to stand up, because we'll be hearing why, in health terms, sitting is the new smoking! We're also taking a look at the science behind weight loss and why shedding extra pounds is so difficult. Plus news of why
Tuesday, 13-Jan-15 15:06 UTC
Naked Scientists 15.01.06 - Dissolving teaspoons: Naked in Wellington
Dissolving teaspoons, plants that sunbathe, stopping multiple sclerosis, the ARGO floats that monitor the oceans, global warming in Antarctica, and using computers to find Kiwis. Chris Smith and Simon Morton meet some of Wellington's finest researchers, i
Tuesday, 06-Jan-15 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.12.30 - Voices in the Dark
We all have an inner voice. Most of us know they're not real. But, for up to 15% of the population at some points in their lives, they can take on a different tone, as a terrifying experience that cannot be distinguished from reality. Where do they come f
Tuesday, 30-Dec-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.12.23 - The Science of Christmas
Seasons Greetings from the Naked Scientists! We invite you to spend the next hour with us as we explore the Science of Christmas. We'll be looking at why crackers are, or aren't, all that funny, the chemistry of Christmas and what makes the ultimate roast
Tuesday, 23-Dec-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.12.16 - Total wipe out: Mass Extinction
Mass Extinction! 250 million years ago nearly all life on Earth ended. Back from the brink, history then repeated itself with the disappearance of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago. So are we next? Plus news of how a comet smash could have kick-started l
Tuesday, 16-Dec-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.12.09 - Good Vibrations
From the honking of cars to music blaring out of someone's bedroom window, the world around us is saturated with sound. But what exactly is sound, and how do we hear it? From mimicking an owl's wing for quieter aircraft to creating more effective cochlear
Tuesday, 09-Dec-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.12.02 - The Internet: the good, the bad and the ugly
This week we delve into the Dark Web, a hidden arm of the Internet where Google doesn't dare to search and where drugs, guns and hitmen are offered up for sale. We explore how the World Wide Web works, and ask whether it can remain unregulated, free and o
Tuesday, 02-Dec-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.11.23 - Does Airport Security Really Make Us Safer?
Travel by air has increased by over 60% in the last decade and annual global air traffic is expected to reach 3.6 billion passenger journeys by 2016 meaning that there are at least 1 million people airborne aboard planes at any moment in time. But, as air
Sunday, 23-Nov-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.11.18 - Inside the Ebola Epidemic
Ebola has rocked the world in 2014, but why has this outbreak been so devastating? This week we get inside Ebola to find out about the virus itself, and how it causes disease and spreads. We talk to healthcare and charity workers on the ground in West Afr
Tuesday, 18-Nov-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.11.11 - Combating Cancer
This week, the latest breakthroughs in cancer including blood tests to pick up the disease much earlier, new genetic treatments to trigger tumours to kill themselves, and a laser technique to zap cancers in hard-to-reach places. Plus, in the news, why wor
Tuesday, 11-Nov-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.11.04 - Supernatural Science
Do you believe in ghosts? For Halloween the Naked Scientists take a look at the spooky science of the supernatural. Is there evidence that paranormal beings exist and why do so many people believe in them? How do out-of-body experiences happen? What cause
Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 01:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.10.28 - Transport of Tomorrow
Over the next 50 years, getting to work on time or heading out to the hinterlands for your family holiday will become much, much easier - and perhaps, even pleasurable. We're journeying into the not so distant future, to a world where cars drive themselve
Tuesday, 28-Oct-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.10.21 - The Cities of Tomorrow
Continuing the theme of the future of humanity, this week we take a look at what we can expect from our towns and cities in the years to come. Will we be living in wooden skyscrapers, amongst crime fighting lampposts or have our own personalised pollution
Monday, 20-Oct-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.10.14 - Will Climate Change Cost the Earth?
What does climate change have in store for the future? What will it mean for the man, or woman, in the street? How will it hit the global economy, and what can businesses do to fight back? This week, we hear the perspectives of a climate specialist, an ec
Monday, 13-Oct-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.10.07 - Powering the Future
For years we have relied on fossil fuels to produce the light, heat and energy we need to live and work. But these supplies are diminishing, and polluting our environment. So can renewable resources step into the breach annd produce enough energy to power
Monday, 06-Oct-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.09.28 - Alien Hunters: The Search for ET
This week, is there anybody out there? We're pushing at the boundaries of science in the search for ET. We take a magnifying glass to the big questions: what is life, where can we find it and could we ever communicate with it? Plus, the blood test that c
Saturday, 27-Sep-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.09.21 - Can you 3D-print me a new kidney?
This week, are we on the verge of being able to print a new kidney or liver? And will every home soon have a machine in it to make medicines so we don't need to head off to the chemist for a dose of antibiotics? This is the world of 3D printing and we'll
Saturday, 20-Sep-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.09.16 - Hack Attack!
Have you been hacked? This week we examine the risks from public WiFi, why the Internet of Things is jeopardising the security of your home, the threats frequently lurking inside innocent-looking documents, what your mobile phone says to cybercriminals wi
Monday, 15-Sep-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.09.09 - Does nature do it better?
This week we're looking to nature to solve some of today's biggest problems - from climate change to water shortages. We hear how spiders hold the key to making the strongest material known to man and how insect ears have inspired the world's smallest mic
Monday, 08-Sep-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.09.02 - Nuclear Fusion
This week, we're exploring Nuclear Fusion, the power source of the sun. What is it and how can it help us on Earth? We visit the JET fusion facility to watch a test firing, we hear how lasers can be used to kickstart the process and how a new spherical fu
Monday, 01-Sep-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.08.26 - The Naked Scientists in New Zealand
Dr Chris Smith
Monday, 25-Aug-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.08.19 - Personalised Medicine
This week we're talking about gene sequencing and how to keep that information safe.
Monday, 18-Aug-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.08.12 - Food for Thought!
The Naked Scientists have food on the brain this week, as we hear about how sound can affect taste, why our mood can be changed by what we eat, and we try out some unusual flavour combinations. And in the news; why grizzly bears may help us in the fight a
Monday, 11-Aug-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.08.05 - The brightest light in the Universe
This week, we hear how one of the brightest lights in the Universe is helping scientists to build better jet engines, fight off antibiotic resistant bacteria and read the biochemical make-up of long-dead dinosaurs. Plus, how fears and phobias can pass fro
Monday, 04-Aug-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.07.29 - A trip to the seaside
This week why whales get dandruff, what seabirds think of wind farms, the plight of coral reefs, we take a look at some giant sea spiders and look at water that can stay liquid below freezing temperature. Plus, we use science to perfect the recipe for a
Monday, 28-Jul-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.07.22 - The End of Extinction?
Will wooly mammoths roam the tundra once more? This week we ask whether improvements in genetic technologies mean extinction is no longer the end, as well as meeting moss that came back to life after 2000 years buried in permafrost, and the million-year-o
Monday, 21-Jul-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.07.15 - Returning to the Moon - A giant leap for mankind?
We celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission by asking, should we return to the moon? We discover what scientific knowledge is still to be gained by going back, what robot missions are being planned as part of the Google Lunar X prize, and d
Monday, 14-Jul-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.07.08 - Saddle Up: The Science of Cycling
Chimps use gestures, climate change stops fish finding friends, gut cells reprogrammed to make insulin, and people prefer shocks to thoughts! Plus Saddle Up! - we look at the science of cyling as the Tour de France comes to the UK, including seeing how lo
Monday, 07-Jul-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.07.01 - Engineering the Impossible
From levitating trains and humans to giant, climate-altering balloons, super-steels and earthquake-proof buildings, this month's live show panel reveal the latest advances in extreme engineering. Plus, we get engineering for ourselves, including taking a
Monday, 30-Jun-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.06.24 - Ready for Kick Off...
England might be out of the World Cup this week, but thousands of fans are still cheering their teams on across Brazil. But how does chanting change the behaviour of a football crowd? Why do free kicks and penalties still come down to good old physics? An
Monday, 23-Jun-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.06.17 - Untangling Alzheimer's Disease
Alois Alzheimer, who described the first case of the disease now named after him, would have been 150 years old this week. But what have we discovered about the disease since he presented the first Alzheimer's case over 100 years ago? And how can fruit fl
Monday, 16-Jun-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.06.10 - Freeze Dried Blood!
Freeze Dried Blood! Every day the likes of probiotic "good" bacteria in yoghurts, and even the enzymes in washing powder, give us a helping hand. This week we investigate how scientists are designing new ways to protect and guard these tiny helpers, inclu
Monday, 09-Jun-14 23:00 UTC
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