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- The Naked Scientists Podcast - Stripping Down Science
The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.
Podcast, English, London, UK Genres: Education: Primary,Secondary, Tech News, Education, Tech, Science, Natural Sciences, Higher Education

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Naked Scientists 14.04.22 - Huntingtons Disease
In a special show from Cambridge and New Zealand, Hannah Critchlow investigates the research into Huntington's Disease. How has the search to correct a single gene enhanced our understanding of how the brain functions? How are sheep helping to unpick the
Monday, 21-Apr-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.04.15 - Why do we laugh when tickled?
In this question and answer special, the Naked Scientists get stuck into your queries, like why are planets round? Why do we laugh when tickled? Does wearing glasses make your eyesight worse? And how many trees could offset carbon emissions? Plus, in the
Monday, 14-Apr-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.04.08 - Power to your Elbow: Better Batteries
Bigger, better and longer lasting - this week we go in search of the battery technology that will power the future as well as consider the shortcomings of our present technologies. We also try to tune-in to our own broadcast on a radio powered by moss! Pl
Monday, 07-Apr-14 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.04.01 - Right Hand, Left Hand
How handedness spans the scientific world, from the smallest particles in the Universe to the drugs that cure disease and even the way you hold a pen, goes under the microscope this week as we explore the realms of asymmetry. Plus, in the news, the world'
Tuesday, 01-Apr-14 01:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.03.25 - Devouring Raspberry Pi
2014 is the Year of Code, with the UK even becoming the first major economy to introduce computer programming to the school timetable. This week we investigate why coding, and getting kids into computer science has become so important. Plus, in the news,
Tuesday, 25-Mar-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.03.18 - Pit your Wits...
Pit your wits against the combined brain power of the Naked Scientists, in this question and answer Special as the team try to find out the truth behind the age of the Milky Way? Whether plants die of old age, and how cats make their fur stand on end? Plu
Tuesday, 18-Mar-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.03.11 - Turning the tide on flooding
With climate change expected to bring more bouts of extreme weather and longer periods of drought and flooding, this week we take a look at ways to turn the tide on the looming water crisis. Plus, in the news, the schoolboy who's become the youngest perso
Tuesday, 11-Mar-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.03.04 - AUTOMATE: The World of Robots
Robots are under examination this week. Engineer Blaise Thomson, from Vocal IQ, designs speech systems for smartphones, Neil Bargh builds robots for science labs, and Airbus systems engineer Paul Meacham, who is building the next rover that will explore M
Tuesday, 04-Mar-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.02.25 - The Noro Show
Norovirus, the winter vomiting bug, affects 1 million people each year in the UK. But what is it, and how can you best protect yourself? Plus, in the news, how stress hormones depress the stock market, brain training that can improve vision on the basebal
Tuesday, 25-Feb-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.02.24 - Brainy Babies!
Should you raise your baby to be bilingual? Are video games rotting or rejuvenating children's brains? We find out! Plus in the news, personalised breast milk, modelling the brain with computers, how crude oil spills affect tuna and the next step towards
Monday, 24-Feb-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.02.20 - David Willetts AAAS Audio Blog
UK Universities and Science Minister, David Willetts, becomes his own radio presenter; here, on a tour organised by the UK's Science and Innovation Network, he charts his meetings with scientists and entrepreneurs in Chicago, including discovering how res
Thursday, 20-Feb-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.02.14 - NAKED at the AAAS
Do scientists resort to propaganda to defend climate change? How do we deal with evolution unbelievers? How do governments and policy-makers decide what science should be funded? Where will the next generation of communicators come from? Why are western c
Friday, 14-Feb-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.02.11 - Green Food
We're chewing over the topic of food footprints: How green is your lunchbox? What's the environmental impact of your weekly food shop? Plus, in the news, the prosthetic hand that has allowed an amputee to feel for the first time, a new fatal strain of flu
Tuesday, 11-Feb-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.01.28 - Exorcist, or Exercise: what's healthier?
Live on location at the Cambridge Science Centre, Chris Smith is joined by exercise scientist Dan Gordon, who also holds the world record in tandem cycling, epidemiologist Nita Forouhi, who studies diet, and David Ogilvie, who investigates how our environ
Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.01.21 - And now for the weather, in space...
This week we investigate why the UK is investing in space weather forecasts. Plus how could changes in the Sun's activity affect us here on Earth? In the news, conservationists supporting the sale of a hunting licence for the endangered Black Rhino, gene
Tuesday, 21-Jan-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.01.14 - Are old habits hard to break?
This week we want to hear how you're doing with your New Year's Resolutions as we investigate the psychology of willpower and how long it takes to form a new habit. In the news, does drinking a cup of coffee after studying help students remember thei
Tuesday, 14-Jan-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 14.01.07 - Why don't microwaves spark off themselves?
The Naked Scientists tackle your questions, from how hail storms come about to why the Mediterranean Sea has such small tides. And why do people often favour walking on one particular side of the road?Plus, we look at what science might hit the headlines
Tuesday, 07-Jan-14 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.12.24 - Hydrogen-powered Party Poppers
It's Christmas, and we're celebrating in style with a look at the science behind the things that grace the festive period. In a special programme recorded live in the kitchen, we produce our own home-made ice cream, hear about the brain-basis of the Boxin
Tuesday, 24-Dec-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.12.17 - Super-shape me!
How balls of cells assemble into a baby, why cell shape is crucial in cancer, telling cells where to go in an embryo, and getting a handle on how limbs develop: this week's Naked Scientists explores the science of structure. Plus, does classical music mak
Tuesday, 17-Dec-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.12.10 - Diving into Ocean Conservation
The bid to create the world's largest marine reserve, diseases threatening corals in the Caribbean, what is the best way to conserve coral reefs in Fiji, and why fish microbes matter too. Plus news of DNA sequences extracted from a 400,000 human ancestor
Tuesday, 10-Dec-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.12.03 - Life, The Universe and Everything
Live on location at the Cambridge Science Centre, Chris Smith is joined by guests Didier Queloz, who discovered the first exoplanet, Alan Tunnacliffe who investigates organisms which might be able to survive in space, and Gerry Gilmore, who is aiming to m
Tuesday, 03-Dec-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.11.26 - Sniff! Sniff!
This week, smells, pheromones and anosmia. We talk to a patient with no sense of smell, hear why odours might be more down to the way molecules vibrate that how they are shaped, we look at the role that genes play in what we can smell and hear how pheromo
Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.11.19 - Restore, repair, retain!
This week we discover how we repair and restore everything from ancient manuscripts to the human heart! The team visits the BBC to find out how recently re-discovered episodes of the classic sci-fi series Dr Who were restored and find out about the thr
Tuesday, 19-Nov-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.11.12 - Stopping Multiple Sclerosis
What is multiple sclerosis (MS), what causes it, why do some people suffer from it, and how can we treat it? This week we hear about a drug that can halt the disease in its tracks for some patients, and how scientists screening chemicals that trigger the
Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.11.05 - Cutting Edge in Cancer
From detecting tumour DNA in our bloodstreams to making cancer cells stand out in an MRI scan, this week, coinciding with the NCRI Cancer Conference, we explore how best ways to detect cancer and monitor tumours during treatment. Plus, in the news, what a
Tuesday, 05-Nov-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.10.29 - Extreme Geology
Live on location at the Cambridge Science Centre, Chris Smith, Dave Ansell, Ginny Smith and guests James Jackson, an Earth Scientist, Tehnuka Ilanko, a volcanologist, and Arwen Deuss, a seismologist, pit their wits against the assembled public as they ta
Tuesday, 29-Oct-13 00:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.10.20 - Stopping Superbugs
What is the scale of the superbug problem? How much is antibiotic resistance costing? Can new antibiotics be made that cannot be bypassed by bacteria? And what new drugs are already in the pipeline. In this infectious episode of the Naked Scientists, we p
Saturday, 19-Oct-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.10.15 - Tunnelling Under London
How do you dig a 26 mile tunnel beneath a city and below the water table? This week we drop in on Crossrail, who are busy constructing a new commuter line below the UK capital, to discover how massive tunnels are made in the modern era. Plus, we take a wa
Monday, 14-Oct-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.10.08 - Science Centre Showoff
Live on location at the Cambridge Science Centre, Chris Smith, Dave Ansell, Ginny Smith and guests Rod Jones, an atmospheric chemist, Margaret Stanley, an HPV cancer researcher, and Caroline Goddard, jet engine metallurgist, pit their wits against the as
Monday, 07-Oct-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.10.01 - Science of Sleep
What's the best way to catch 40 winks? We investigate the science of sleep, including why we need it and why do some people fall asleep at the wrong times? Jason Rhiel tell us how he investigates what makes us sleepy using zebrafish and Mick Hastings expl
Monday, 30-Sep-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.09.24 - Citizen Science: Research You can Do
What's the best way to get involved in scientific research from home? Chris Smith and Dominic Ford investigate some of the best citizen science projects which are looking for your help. From categorising galaxies to hunting spiders, mapping your happiness
Monday, 23-Sep-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.09.17 - Shedding Light on the Brain
We expose how electricity powers the nervous system. Chris Smith and Hannah Critchlow speak to a panel of experts about why chillis taste hot and mint feels cool, how ion channels could tackle diabetes and the new technique that uses algae could shed ligh
Monday, 16-Sep-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.09.12 - Get the Frack Out of Here...
Will fracking bring down energy prices and keep our lights on, or could it be an environmental disaster? Kate Lamble and Ginny Smith speak to a panel of experts about whether fracking could really contaminate water supplies or cause earthquakes. Plus, can
Wednesday, 11-Sep-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.09.05 - Can you dehydrate in a bath?
Another special question and answer edition of the show where the team get to grips with your queries, including, cna you dehydrate in a bath? What is tinnitus? What chemicals leak from batteries? Why does water freeze from the top down? Are solar photons
Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.08.29 - Shark Camouflage in Australia
This week, we have a final show from Perth in Western Australia. Chris Smith and Victoria Gill find out how camouflage wetsuits might help protect surfers from sharks, hear about a new development in muscular dystrophy treatment, how sea sponges can be us
Wednesday, 28-Aug-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.08.22 - Australia's First BBQ
This week, we have another special show from Perth in Western Australia. Chris Smith and Victoria Gill go in search of dolphins, find out how DNA sequencing technology has allowed us to find out what was on Australia's first barbecue, and give a science l
Wednesday, 21-Aug-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.08.15 - Naked in Australia
This week we have a special show from Perth in Western Australia. Chris Smith finds out whether importing nitrogen fixing legumes could hold the answer to Perth's poor soil fertility and Victoria Gill heads out on a scientific fishing trip to see how Bl
Wednesday, 14-Aug-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.08.08 - Mapping out the Milky Way
We hear from the astronomers who are mapping out the Milky Way to work out where its stars came from.
Wednesday, 07-Aug-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.08.01 - Questions and Answers
A special question and answer edition of the show where the team get to grips with your queries, including, do hairs know they've cut? Is someone who sweats sooner fitter? How do noise-cancelling headphones work? How do we know what's inside Earth? Why ar
Wednesday, 31-Jul-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.07.25 - The Science in Sport
How has new technology changed the face of sport? This week we delve into the science behind the tennis rackets that professional players use, the diets that top athletes follow, and how systems like Hawkeye are revolutionising the way that rules are enfo
Wednesday, 24-Jul-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.07.18 - The Science of Schizophrenia
What do sufferers of schizophrenia experience, and why? Might the immune system be to blame? And could an avatar be the answer to treatment? This week we delve deep into the brain circuitry behind this psychiatric condition to uncover the causes, hear wha
Wednesday, 17-Jul-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.07.11 - Souping up Solar
This week, the latest innovations in solar power technology including a Cambridge team racing from Darwin to Adelaide in a solar car, community co-operatives empowered by solar panels, and how algae harvest the Sun's energy. In the news, how wobbles in th
Wednesday, 10-Jul-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.07.04 - The Last Organism Alive on Earth
This week, the latest from the UK's National Astronomy Meeting in St Andrews Scotland including what will be the last organism living on Earth when the end-of-life Sun swells, why space science projects are getting larger, and the amateur astronomer who u
Wednesday, 03-Jul-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.06.27 - Modelling Diseases in Dishes
Miniature lungs, breasts and other organs are being grown in dishes so scientists can study how they form, why they succumb to disease and how toxins, drugs and poisons affect them. Organ models like these are rapidly replacing animals for many lab experi
Wednesday, 26-Jun-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.06.20 - Fascinating Fungi
Fungi go under the microscope this week as we explore how they barter minerals and carry chemical messages in return for sugars from plants; we also hear from someone who nearly died after consuming a deadly fungus, find out why fungi make the toxins they
Wednesday, 19-Jun-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.06.13 - Extreme Physiology: Everest to Ocean Floor
How can an ascent to the top of Everest help to save lives in intensive care? This week we're exploring physiology at the extremes: altitude, depth and cold. How does the human body adapt and cope under these conditions? Also, news of improved gene therap
Wednesday, 12-Jun-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.06.06 - Can GPS systems be Spoofed?
The science of satellite navigation and how it can be fooled or "spoofed", a new system to pinpoint a person within a building to within a metre, and how GPS signals can probe and track volcanic dust clouds. Plus, news of what nuclear bomb tests have reve
Wednesday, 05-Jun-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.05.30 - Shedding light on LEDs
The next generation of LEDs, how LED lighting affects health, a new way to fight flu, treating schizophrenia with avatars and bringing 400-year-old frozen plants back to life.
Thursday, 30-May-13 15:20 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.05.16 - Will it rain tomorrow?
How are weather forecasts made? Are they accurate, and if not why not? And how do we know when extreme weather is on the way? Also, what about on other planets and moons? To find out, we talk to the teams who study weather and climate patterns, both on Ea
Wednesday, 15-May-13 23:00 UTC
Naked Scientists 13.05.09 - Gone Viral: Germs under surveillance
Under the microscope this week, where new flu viruses including influenza H7N9 come from, the threat from extensively resistant tuberculosis and how doctors keep tabs on how bugs are spreading and who they are infecting...
Wednesday, 08-May-13 23:00 UTC
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