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Joel Osteen Podcast
Welcome to the weekly audio Podcast from Joel Osteen. Joel and Victoria Osteen are pastors of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, a vibrant and diverse church that Forbes calls the largest and fastest - growing congregation in America.
Podcast, English, New York City, USA Genres: Relationships, Religion, Christian, Life and Life Stories, Philosophy, Christianity

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An Expected End
Like any good movie, our lives are filled with twists and turns. There are seasons and situations that happen where it looks like nothing is going to work out. But, did you know God has already planned your final scene to end in victory?When you understan
Sunday, 17-May-15 05:00 UTC
Shame Off You
Are you carrying around guilt, shame or heaviness? This is your day to be free. Shame is one of the enemy's favorite tools. He's called the accuser of the brethren. He'll remind you of every mistake, every failure, even things that weren't your fault. He'
Sunday, 10-May-15 05:00 UTC
Blessed by Your Enemies
Are you facing something that seems unfair? Is there opposition that you've been praying would lift but it's still there? Let this message remind you of the sovereignty of God in your life. What you think is a disappointment—that person that left you, tha
Sunday, 03-May-15 05:00 UTC
Reprogram Your Mind
Our mind is like a computer—how it is programmed determines everything. God, your Creator and Programmer, designed you to live an abundant, victorious, faith-filled life where you can do all things through Christ! But the reason we don’t always live thi
Sunday, 26-Apr-15 05:00 UTC
Unexpected Sunshine
Have you ever asked yourself, "When am I going to see the sunshine again?" Maybe you've experienced loneliness, hurt, lack, or a health struggle that is holding you back that seems to follow you around like a heavy cloud. Well, get ready. Let this faith b
Sunday, 19-Apr-15 05:00 UTC
The Valley of Blessing
We all go through difficult times in life and things we don't understand. When we're in a valley, it's easy to get discouraged and think that it's never going to change.But Joel wants to remind you of God's promise of His blessing. David proclaimed in Psa
Sunday, 12-Apr-15 05:00 UTC
It's Not Over
Is there something you've given up on? A dream? A relationship? Your health?Then this inspiring message is for you. Let Joel remind you of God’s resurrection power and the hope that’s available to you right now! No matter what you’ve been through, God wan
Sunday, 05-Apr-15 05:00 UTC
Pushed into Your Purpose
God created us to grow, expand and flourish into greatness. But sometimes, this isn't always the easiest or most exciting thing, especially when we face hardships, disappointments and loss. In this encouraging message, Joel wants to help you take another
Sunday, 29-Mar-15 05:00 UTC
Your Words Become Your Reality
Did you know that your words are like seeds? In fact, you are where you are today because of what you've been saying about yourself.That's why Joel created this powerful, eye-opening message to help you take a closer look at the words you are saying. Prov
Sunday, 22-Mar-15 05:00 UTC
The Right People
Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live. In this edifying message, Joel shares what the Bible has to say about who you allow into your inner circle.Proverbs 13:20 says, "He who walks with wise men will become wi
Sunday, 15-Mar-15 05:00 UTC
Living Large
God wants to take you where you've never been and show you favor that you've never seen!We weren't created to live a small life with little goals, dreams and influence. God created us to live an abundant life. No matter where you are, you're not supposed
Sunday, 01-Mar-15 06:00 UTC
Secret Frustrations
There will always be things in life that we don’t understand or don’t make sense. It may even be an unanswered prayer or situation in your life that you’ve earnestly sought God to change for years. When this happens, it’s very easy to focus on what’s not
Sunday, 22-Feb-15 06:00 UTC
No More Excuses
God wants to do a new thing in your life. He wants to bring you into a new level of your destiny. But, are you letting excuses hold you back? It’s easy to come up with excuses, especially when unfair things happen to us or when we’ve been hurt by circumst
Sunday, 15-Feb-15 06:00 UTC
Heavy With Favor
Did you know that right now you are heavy with favor? Let Joel show you in this exciting message how much God loves you and teach you about His amazing, abundant favor that's on your life—right now. You will learn that favor is a free gift you cannot earn
Sunday, 08-Feb-15 06:00 UTC
Redeem The Time
You're a person of destiny. God is counting on you to make a difference in this world and fulfill your purpose. With this gift of life comes a responsibility to develop your talents, pursue your dreams, and become what God has created you to be. Ephesians
Sunday, 01-Feb-15 06:00 UTC
It's Your Due Season
Now more than ever, it’s time to release your faith, expect God to move, and speak His blessings over your life. Why? Right now, there are blessings that have your name on them. There is promotion, healing, vindication, restored relationships and so much
Sunday, 25-Jan-15 06:00 UTC
Invisible but Invaluable
We need the help of others in order to fulfill our destiny, and guess what? Someone needs our help today, too! Every one of us should be invisible in somebody’s life—being behind the scenes, helping others grow, encouraging and pushing them forward, and c
Sunday, 18-Jan-15 06:00 UTC
Counted by The Creator
It’s easy to walk through life feeling limited. These limitations come in all different forms— from people and their discouraging words spoken over us, labels, genetics and family lineage, our own thoughts and insecurities, even our past and what we think
Sunday, 11-Jan-15 06:00 UTC
Covered by Mercy
Do you ever feel disqualified from God’s goodness because of past mistakes? Well, you're not the only one! We all make mistakes in life and do things that we know we shouldn’t do. It’s easy to live in guilt and regret and not feel worthy of God’s love, fa
Sunday, 04-Jan-15 06:00 UTC
Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts
Do you ever have trouble staying in faith because of the facts? Maybe you have a medical report that looks grim, a mountain of debt that seems impossible to ever get out of, a troubled relationship that’s on the brink of ending—sometimes it’s easy to acce
Sunday, 14-Dec-14 06:00 UTC
Release Control
Are you ready to enjoy your life more? Do you long for more peace? It may be time to let go of a few things. Let this motivating message give you the spiritual tools to know exactly what you should let go of and how to let it go so you can walk in joy and
Sunday, 07-Dec-14 06:00 UTC
Generational Blessings
How you live your life each day matters. The choices you make today not only affect just you, but the ripple is felt in your family line for generations to come.Let this message inspire you to be your best, to break free from anything that’s holding you b
Sunday, 23-Nov-14 06:00 UTC
Blessed In The Dark Places
We all go through things in life that we don’t understand, but did you know that God uses the dark places in our life as part of His divine plan?Take a journey through the scriptures in this inspirational message and see how many people that did anything
Sunday, 16-Nov-14 06:00 UTC
Even Now Faith
Is there something you’ve given up on? Maybe you think it’s been too long, it’s never going to work out, and you don’t see any sign of things changing for the better. Well, good news! It may look possible now, but God can turn it around! Explore encouragi
Sunday, 09-Nov-14 06:00 UTC
You Are Not Damaged Goods
There is no dysfunction, injustice or disappointment that can keep you from your destiny!Many people today go around with a “damaged goods” label, feeling guilty and condemned by what they’ve been through. But the truth is, we’ve all had difficulties. You
Sunday, 02-Nov-14 05:00 UTC
Be a Rainmaker
Did you know that right now bubbling inside of you is an overflowing abundance of God’s favor? The way to see this favor activated and released in your life is through your praise and gratitude. Just like vapor fills a cloud making rain pour down, our pra
Sunday, 26-Oct-14 05:00 UTC
Dropped But Not Forgotten
You can’t live very long without being dropped in life—dropped by an illness, a divorce, a friend that turns on you, or an unfair injustice. Many people let these moments define who they are and how they will live the rest of their lives.But Joel wants to
Sunday, 28-Sep-14 05:00 UTC
All Is Well
We all face difficult seasons in life. How you respond in the difficult times will determine whether or not you make it into the fullness of your destiny.Let Joel teach you the tools to stay in faith during seasons of loss, disappointment and unfair situ
Sunday, 14-Sep-14 05:00 UTC
Stay on the Potter’s Wheel
Not every difficulty in life is meant to be prayed away. In fact, God uses the uncomfortable situations in our lives to bring us through the refiner’s fire and shape our character. You see, we are not meant to be at the same place year after year. Every c
Sunday, 14-Sep-14 05:00 UTC
Shine Brightly
What would others learn about God by simply observing your life? To many, you may be the only “Bible” someone reads. Let this eye-opening message remind you of what 2 Corinthians 5:20 says about us, that “we are Christ’s personal representatives.” Learn p
Sunday, 24-Aug-14 05:00 UTC
Focus on the Promise, Not the Problem
We all face challenges, but the size of the problem is not important. It’s our perception of the problem. It’s how big or small we make it in our minds. David said in Psalm 34:3, “Magnify the Lord with me.” Instead of worrying, let Joel remind you in this
Sunday, 17-Aug-14 05:00 UTC
Loving Unconditionally
What would this world be like if we simply loved people instead of judging them? In this eye-opening message, Joel will inspire you to love like Jesus loved. Jesus said in John 13:35, “By this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one a
Sunday, 10-Aug-14 05:00 UTC
I'm Still Standing
Being a person of faith doesn’t exempt you from difficulties. Matthew 5:45 says, “Rain falls on the just and the unjust.” No matter how good a person you are, no matter how much you honor God, there’s going to be some rain in your life. But the good news
Sunday, 03-Aug-14 05:00 UTC
You're Coming Out
We all face situations that look permanent in our health, relationships and careers. It’s easy to think that’s the way it will always be. In this exciting message, let Joel give you the faith tools to move into that next chapter in life. You may be walki
Sunday, 27-Jul-14 05:00 UTC
The Rain is Coming!
Every person goes through dry seasons where we don’t see anything changing. It’s very easy to get discouraged and not expect anything different. But in this exciting message, Joel wants to help you get your hopes up because the rain is coming! The God w
Sunday, 13-Jul-14 05:00 UTC
The Seventh Year
Test description
Tuesday, 08-Jul-14 05:00 UTC
It's Too Small
Deuteronomy 1:11 says, "May the Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times more than you are." Did you know that God's plan for your life is to abundantly bless and increase you beyond what you are? Yet many times, we pray small prayers—prayers to
Sunday, 29-Jun-14 05:00 UTC
It's Already Yours
Psalm 8:5 says, "You have crowned him with favor and honor." What does this mean for you today? It means right now, there are blessings with your name on them — healing, promotion, good breaks, houses, businesses, contracts — that already belong to you. T
Sunday, 15-Jun-14 05:00 UTC
You Have Resurrection Power
Most of us believe Jesus has incredible power, but Romans 8:11 says that the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. Did you catch that? The greatest force in the universe lives in you! In this powerful message, Joel will remind you of this
Sunday, 20-Apr-14 05:00 UTC
Living Content
Wherever you are in life right now, there is something you can be grateful for. Yet, many people have decided that they are not going to be happy until a certain goal is met or until they “have a certain thing or someone.” That’s why Joel wants to remind
Sunday, 13-Apr-14 05:00 UTC
Have A Positive Mindset
Are you ready to live a more fulfilling, faith-filled, prosperous life? Then let Joel inspire and teach you the importance of having a positive mindset and learn how to stay in control of your mind. Scripture teaches in Colossians 3:2 to set your mind on
Sunday, 06-Apr-14 05:00 UTC
Have A Spirit Of Honor
Anytime you show honor, you are sowing a seed for blessing and favor in your own life. In this message, let Joel remind you of the importance of living a life of honor. Romans 12:10 tells us to “take delight in honoring each other.” As you make the choice
Sunday, 23-Mar-14 05:00 UTC
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